Weekly Belly Pic and Butterfly Wings


We are officially into the 2nd trimester which makes everyone go oooh ahhh, you’ve gotten past the scary place. So here we are.

We heard the heartbeat yesterday which was totally surreal and adorable.

This whole process has been super fun, even the farting and puking and weird cravings.

The good thing about being at 14 weeks is that I’m pretty textbook about it, the nausea has faded and I’m not so tired that I fall asleep while I’m talking anymore.

But I do have crazy cravings and food tastes delicious!

On the way home from the hospital I had a mad desire for a diner sandwich and miraculously we past the cutest diner ever.

I eagerly watched a possible recovering meth head fry up bread, I say that based on his shaking hands and the fact that he was as thin as  my arm.

It did not disturb me in the least, he was adorable and sweet as the peach pie he offered.

I ate the whole sandwich, complete with coleslaw. We drove an hour home. Yes, we live in the country and can only see one neighbor and the hospital is an hour away.

It’s worth every mile.

I walked in the door and promptly puked the whole mid-day snack up.

So much for that puking phase being gone with the first three months.

I didn’t pee on myself this time though or fall asleep on the toilet. So we’re making progress and baby is growing like a weed.

Baby Moves

AND I felt the first flutter like butterfly wings flying around inside.

It happened while I was listening to sweet Caroline from The Voice on Itunes.

Baby LOVES Caroline, so I voted for her every time.


Here’s the song that makes baby happy:


  1. You look beautiful. Be careful if that being sick last to much. My daughter had to be hospitalized during both pregnancies and the last one with the twins a lot more. Take care of yourself. Hugs and soon the wee one will be kicking. lol

  2. You look beautiful. I am so excited for you!

  3. I couldn’t be Happier for you both, its a great journey love every min. of it. There’s nothing like it 🙂

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