17 Weeks and Counting Booze Bottles

16weeks Okay, so I’m a week behind in sharing weekly photos. I’m just preparing for all of my time to be taken anyway!

This is 16 weeks, I’m not at 17 weeks – so she’s a bit bigger.

Oh, did I tell you?

It’s a girl. 

My husband got so tearyeyed and excited and then started off into the distance in shock and horror as he quietly said, “Teenage girl… I”ll have to get my conceal and carry license.”

Being the DD

One thing you definitely are when pregnant is the designated driver.

That includes runs to the liquor store when the cabinet is low or out. Duh. This is the holiday season and pregnant or not, the parties will go on without you.

So I drive to the liquor store. Happily.

It is one of my favorite places since Jim and Gail are there. I’m usually there for a LONG time.

I went to get a bottle of bourbon for my father-in-law and texted my husband if he wanted anything.

You at the liquor store?

Yeah. You want a handle?

Is Jim there?


See you in a few hours then.

haha – he knows me so well.

Yes, the liquor store is like the water cooler. I joke about bringing a chair when I go there.

A few days after the bourbon run, I had to get some wine for a steak dinner – cocktail hour had already started and as Miss Safety, I went. Plus, duh, excuse to see Jim!

Gail told about the complaints that came in about them selling to pregnant women.


We laughed and laughed as they repeated the caller complaining about the pregnant woman buying booze.

They do realize we’re automatically the DDs, right? That was a joke. Right?

Apparently not. The woman in line behind me, with her basket full of bottles, looked at me in horror.

I work at a bar and I have to serve them when they come in asking for a drink. It’s horrible.

Oh.. well I don’t need to go to the bar. I have a van.

I motioned glugging the bottle. Jim howled – of course he gets my humor. The woman moved past me, mortified.

Jeez – all of you easily offended people need to go watch some comedies for crying out loud. It must take up so much energy being upset about the world ALL the time. Stop making so many assumptions!

What do you want us preggers to do, let the tipsy or already enbriated family members and friends drive – so God forbid we’re not seen carrying a bottle of booze?

Lighten up, Crazy!


Thanks be to God for sane people like Jim.

My mother friends, please share a similar story with me. Seen buying smokes for someone? Carting off coffee containers?  Out with it!


  1. Valynn Hinds says

    LOL That was cute, put a smile on my face to start the day, By the way you are looking great, and said it so mush and will say it again, so happy for you, congratulations girl! =D
    <3 Love and Light to you all.

  2. You are so stinkin’ adorable!
    When my sister was hugely preggers, she tried to order a coke. The waiter asked, “Are you sure it’s safe for the baby?” He did not laugh when she responded, “It makes the whiskey go down smoother.”

  3. As always, you put a smile on my face. I agree, there is way to much angry and mad faces in this world. Good for you for buying the booze in your “condition”. You should have told that lady behind you that you are stocking up the liquor cabinet for after the birth of your baby!
    You look awesome~

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