I’m Angela Shelton Kail.

Read a full detailed history of my life and work HERE on my main AngelaShelton.com site!

Now for the personal stuff:

I left Los Angeles after 15 years to get married and go write books in the country.

I married my first love.

This is us when we were 15

first loves

We are ridiculously cute – still. Yep.

We’re the same age – 40 – and are living the life we both always dreamed of and loving every minute of it.

Adding to our family makes us giddy, but we miscarried twins in 2011.

We decided to give up on trying and party all 2012, get married,  and have the best year ever – which is totally was.

The only sad part was that my sweet dog Norma died that summer which broke the whole family’s heart.

We adopted our first baby Emma when we got back from our honeymoon.

She mended our hearts greatly.



She is now a year old and a joy in our lives.

Emma Portrait

In January 2013 we decided to get all official with trying for human babies and began with the doctor recommended IUIs.

When four of those did not work we were told to go for the big guns – the IVF!

After our first consultation and deciding to give up on all the doctor stuff – we got pregnant. Or at least I did. He was a large part.

Now we begin another journey in our very joyful lives and I’m so happy to share it.

Even during the ups and downs we say – Aren’t We Lucky?!