Acupuncture and the Instead Cup for Pregnancy

I knew getting stuck by something got you pregnant – but needles?

Yes needles, as in acupuncture.

Did that Jewish doctor practicing Chinese medicine get me pregnant?

Well, he didn’t, but he sure contributed.


Acupuncture for Fertility

We were told that due to our age, especially mine – whopping 40 – we should really do IUI (four of those failed) and move on to IVF to “hurry things along.”

I didn’t buy it then and I don’t now. Of course, buying it is definitely part of the deal. Roughly 10K.

The one thing my husband and I have realized seeing all these doctors is that no one knows what works or how to ‘get it done.’

It’s more like they are flying by the seat of their pants and trying to shoot ya up with drugs, then washed semen, lift your fanny in the air and give you a bill while crossing fingers and toes.

Seems to me you could do that yourself with an inversion table.

Plus taking that clomid made the lining thin so I could have been getting pregnant but it didn’t hold due to the drug. Lame.

So I stopped taking anything. Freaked me out anyway.

We stopped trying IUIs and before trying an IVF I started going for massages. Fun!

Then I found an acupuncturist. I was expecting a short Chinese man I could barely understand but the closest one to us was a Jewish doctor.

He’s very nice. As he pokes me we talk about movies and TV. We both love Orange is the New Black.

I started having acupuncture on August 8th. Got a positive pregnancy test on Sept 9th.

You tell me.

Keep It in the Cup

Another thing I did differently that positive pregnancy month was using the Instead SoftCup.

I am a HUGE fan of the cup and usually use it for my period.

But… it does keep blood up there wonderfully, perhaps it’d lock that semen in place too…

Yes, I used the cup after sex. Then I slid off the bed until my head was on the floor and my ass was high in the sky. (my make-your-own inversion table)

I got up after 20 min and kept the cup in for the usual 12-14 hours as I do for Aunt Rosie.

BAM – pregnant.

I know the SoftCup is not sold as a keep-your-semen-in cup but you know what – worked beautifully for me!


Gimme a freaking break.

Keeping it All Quiet

I had a few ask me why I was revealing the baby bump news before the end of the first trimester.

Gimme a freaking break. I’m not one to be silent.

I waited for a healthy blood test. Then yes, I told. You know why? Because we’re excited!

AND people don’t tell just in case something bad happens or that horrible M word.

The way I look at it is that if something does happen – I have LOADS of people to buy me a drink and lend me a shoulder to cry on.

If it all goes well – praying – then I get to glow in the full pregnancy with glee because after this it’s no longer about me!

PS: We saw the heartbeat too. A little grain of rice with a booming heart. Ahhhhhh.

Wanna Get Pregnant?

Try acupuncture and the Instead SoftCup to get knocked up.


  1. Congratulations, momma.

  2. Congrats! You’re going to be a great mom! But, how exactly did you use the cup to get pregnant? You used it after sex to keep the seamen inside you or you put seamen in the cup and then put it inside you?
    Kayla recently posted…Acupuncture and the Instead Cup for Pregnancy My Profile

  3. The instead cup is a widely known “secret” weapon among surrogates everywhere. Right up there with robitussin for thinning cervical mucus for the magic moment.
    Congrats again, Mommy!!!!!!!!

    Welcome to the other side. We are VERY glad you’re here.


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