Baby Loading, Please Wait…

We’re almost halfway through this wonderful and wild belly trip. Oh my! I love being pregnant in the winter. Why? Because I am warm! I just starting to feel this little girl punch and kick at me too, it’s like a distant popcorn machine. I Breathe, So Therefore I Pee The peeing never stops. I […]

17 Weeks and Counting Booze Bottles

Okay, so I’m a week behind in sharing weekly photos. I’m just preparing for all of my time to be taken anyway! This is 16 weeks, I’m not at 17 weeks – so she’s a bit bigger. Oh, did I tell you? It’s a girl.  My husband got so tearyeyed and excited and then started […]

Weekly Belly Pic and Butterfly Wings

We are officially into the 2nd trimester which makes everyone go oooh ahhh, you’ve gotten past the scary place. So here we are. We heard the heartbeat yesterday which was totally surreal and adorable. This whole process has been super fun, even the farting and puking and weird cravings. The good thing about being at […]

Hey Baby, is that a Penis or a Leg?

Our little one now looks like a baby instead of a lentil with a heartbeat! The midwives and doctors only see you about once a month in the beginning, then they see you every week in the 3rd trimester. I am FINALLY not puking and falling asleep mid-conversation since I am moments away from the […]

Toxic Poo Poo, Sitting in Pee, and Puking at Panera’s

So I went on the road with my husband for the weekend. One stop was in Rochester to raise money for the Planned Parenthood that runs all the Rape Crisis Centers too – yay. That went fabulously. Thanks be to God that what came next waited until after the event was over. We drove to […]