Sure Hope Our Baby Has a Butthole

Being pregnant means other women who have been down this path before you tell you EVERYTHING! And wow, the things they tell. Here are Some of the Wonderful Things Women Have Told Me: You never know what can go wrong.  Our son was born without a butthole. But it has worked out. They were able […]

Don’t Wanna Miss A Thing…

So my boobs are bigger. Yep, that’s right. Fluffy is the word. Fluffy and sore and those nipples are at serious attention. Like this: (I did have a gorgeous pic of the lovely Kate Winslet that was listed under a Creative Commons license but then the asswipe wanted 35 bucks – don’t even get started […]

You Know You’re Pregnant When You Cry and then Puke

Well, the digital tests confirm it and the blood tests backed that up. I am definitely pregnant. Now I get to really experience all that comes with that. Crying Over Country I was simply telling my family about these country songs I heard on the radio on the way to the store. I started crying […]

Acupuncture and the Instead Cup for Pregnancy

I knew getting stuck by something got you pregnant – but needles? Yes needles, as in acupuncture. Did that Jewish doctor practicing Chinese medicine get me pregnant? Well, he didn’t, but he sure contributed. Acupuncture for Fertility We were told that due to our age, especially mine – whopping 40 – we should really do […]

IUI or IVF or Give Up?

… to be continued. So we gave up on the IUIs after the car wouldn’t start with the cup in the armpit saga. I made an appointment with the fancy Dr. Kiltz at CYN Fertility in Syracuse, NY. WOW is that place awesome. I was impressed. This is a Baby Spa, I said. The nurse […]

Get It In The Cup!

Yeah yeah, I know I’ve been radio silent on this blog. It may have been because the follow up post was going to tell you about that last IUI. We did the usual, you know, that get it in the cup thing… at 7am. I was trying to help out but my TMJ was acting […]

Is Your Kid a Racist?

This has been on my mind ever since I heard it and I must share. (haven’t shared in a few weeks because well, it’s a negative again (pregger test that is)) As my husband and embark on our kids or no kids journey, a lot of things come up that makes us question things like […]

The Two Week Wait for a BFP

We went and did another IUI this weekend. Actually we had 2 done after we found out we could! Per usual, we found out MORE information we’ve not been told before. This whole process of baby making when you’re old is just down right annoying. And I’m not old! We went back to our original […]

I Accidentally Took My Husband’s Fertility Pills!

I did! WTF Okay, so first of all we’re back on the horse. Yeah yeah, I know about the goats, but we would like the human kids too. So, I’ve quit eating gluten and drinking and am spinning and running on the elliptical. I’m also taking all the prenatal vitamins, along with clomid, estorgin etc. I’m […]

You Look Fat on TV

As stated in a previous blog post, my husband and I are totally fine with whatever happens. Babies, no babies, kids, no kids. We live a life we really love. No Babies On Board Earlier this month we were on a road trip and I had taken Clomid, naively thinking that we’d have time on […]