17 Weeks and Counting Booze Bottles

Okay, so I’m a week behind in sharing weekly photos. I’m just preparing for all of my time to be taken anyway! This is 16 weeks, I’m not at 17 weeks – so she’s a bit bigger. Oh, did I tell you? It’s a girl.  My husband got so tearyeyed and excited and then started […]

Sure Hope Our Baby Has a Butthole

Being pregnant means other women who have been down this path before you tell you EVERYTHING! And wow, the things they tell. Here are Some of the Wonderful Things Women Have Told Me: You never know what can go wrong.  Our son was born without a butthole. But it has worked out. They were able […]

Is Your Kid a Racist?

This has been on my mind ever since I heard it and I must share. (haven’t shared in a few weeks because well, it’s a negative again (pregger test that is)) As my husband and embark on our kids or no kids journey, a lot of things come up that makes us question things like […]

Take the DANCE out of Sundance!

Am I going to Sundance this year?   Nope. Having surgery. Screw you polyp. It’s Wednesday today. Surgery is on Monday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’ll let you know how that goes. Jeez. Changing Priorities Yes, my priorities have changed. I’d much prefer to take care of my health than go see movies in […]

Surgery, Sperm and Safety

Pluck out the Polyp So it’s a date – surgery is scheduled Jan 21st. Should be an in-and-out procedure. We met with the doc on Monday and saw pictures of the little fucker. It’s in there alright. But get this, it might “take care of itself” by the time she gets a microscope up there. The plan […]