The Two Week Wait for a BFP

We went and did another IUI this weekend. Actually we had 2 done after we found out we could! Per usual, we found out MORE information we’ve not been told before. This whole process of baby making when you’re old is just down right annoying. And I’m not old! We went back to our original […]

I Accidentally Took My Husband’s Fertility Pills!

I did! WTF Okay, so first of all we’re back on the horse. Yeah yeah, I know about the goats, but we would like the human kids too. So, I’ve quit eating gluten and drinking and am spinning and running on the elliptical. I’m also taking all the prenatal vitamins, along with clomid, estorgin etc. I’m […]

An Egg Hunt

    Have a Case of the TTCs? TTC – Trying To Conceive. I just learned that. Oh the things you learn when you get old. Wait. Shut your pie hole. Taking Clomid To continue our story… We followed doctor’s suggestion to take clomid so we could try an IUI. (Yes, the WTH IUI & HSG […]

Race to the Machine, Find the Egg

Healthy Sperm, Check.   So now that we know the sperm are all happy and healthy, we go to the next phase. Bring Out the Egg   Next Up — We get to do a Re-Do of the IUI and that lovely shot in the belly. Even though we’ve gotten the thumbs up for a Bill of […]

Asking An Expert About Baby Making

Now that we’ve gotten the stuff in the cup – and still haven’t heard from the doctor! – I’m moving into the phase of okay, we’re about ready, let’s get ready for some baby making – again. Since there are SO many things out there about what to DO and NOT DO while making babies, […]