Pregnancy Leg Cramps, Doggie Love, and Things to Not See in the Mirror

Oh the joys of pregnancy and all the TMIs that go with it. I won’t go into detail about how I made the mistake of getting a hand mirror and… well, nevermind. It’s not pretty. But I will go into detail about these god awful pregnancy leg cramps. When I’m up from 10pm to 2am […]

Pregnancy and Disappearing Feet

Being pregnant is fun, you learn new tricks like disappearing feet. First I could see my feet Then only my toes Then only the floor Now look at this belly! (and the sneak peek at the cutest Safari baby room ever!) We’re not even in the third trimester yet. I haven’t gained anything anywhere else, […]

I am pregnant, therefore I pee

Holy freak balls, haven’t done an update in a bit because I was sick. Damn that damn cold. Hope you didn’t get it. Last time I posted this baby girl was a little smaller, now she’s practicing gymnastics and bouncing all over the place at 22 weeks —>> Peeing Problems Having a cold while pregnant […]

Baby Loading, Please Wait…

We’re almost halfway through this wonderful and wild belly trip. Oh my! I love being pregnant in the winter. Why? Because I am warm! I just starting to feel this little girl punch and kick at me too, it’s like a distant popcorn machine. I Breathe, So Therefore I Pee The peeing never stops. I […]

Weekly Belly Pic and Butterfly Wings

We are officially into the 2nd trimester which makes everyone go oooh ahhh, you’ve gotten past the scary place. So here we are. We heard the heartbeat yesterday which was totally surreal and adorable. This whole process has been super fun, even the farting and puking and weird cravings. The good thing about being at […]