Cutest Baby Room Ever!

Yeah, I said it.

My mother-in-law hand painted a safari theme for us.

Here’s a walk through:

An Elephant Greets You:

We got that little lion rocker as a Giggle Gift!
There are so many cute ones:

A Crane Goes after a Critter:

A Tree Grows Over the Dresser:

That was our first dresser and we decided to go with a shorter one to use as a changing table. We’re tall, but that tall!

There’s a frog in the tree!

A Zebra Peeks Around the Corner:

I now have my rocker where that stroller was so as I lean back, baby girl can see the zebra.

Butterflies and a Giraffe Watch Over the Crib:

We added a few framed pieces of art too.

Emma Dog Got on the Wall Too!

Our puppy dog was added to the room too. She loves this room!

We do too. I sit in there everyday and talk to the baby while I read, hum and sing songs.

She’s on her way!


  1. Angela you are such a wonderful role model! I am so happy for you! I became a mom just over a year ago and though at times it can be hard it is absolutely the best decision I ever made! The love and joy that babies bring out in people is amazing.

    • Awww, thank you so much. We sure are looking forward to it with excitement and a bit of holymother….

  2. Yes, seriously the biggest life changers! Many blessings to you guys. Remember these next few years move fast, so enjoy! You’re going to have so much fun!

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