Hey Baby, is that a Penis or a Leg?

Our little one now looks like a baby instead of a lentil with a heartbeat!

The midwives and doctors only see you about once a month in the beginning, then they see you every week in the 3rd trimester.

I am FINALLY not puking and falling asleep mid-conversation since I am moments away from the 2nd trimester – yay baby!

While we wait to see my favorite midwife again she sent us to a doctor for the ultrasound and bloodwork.

Check the Neck, Fingers and Spine

Right in line with all the worries about buttholes the doc talked about the issues they were looking for as he smeared warm gel on my belly and looked our baby up and down.

He measured the liquid in the neck. That was thin, which he said was good.

He counted the fingers, there were five despite the fact that my husband swears he counted six on one hand.

Checked the spine, that was all intact and so freaking cute I almost started crying. Little spine on a long string bean…

I love this little baby!

The doc stopped and started, trying to get a clear shot of the face.

We have a dancer. And by dancer I mean that little baby did not stop moving around. It started in this sweet little postion like awww, sleeping baby.

But the poking around on my belly must have woken it up because it started turning and moving and kicking and punching and dancing all over the place.

It’s a wonder they survive being attached to that cord with all those acrobatics.

Girl or Boy?

Yes, we’re very curious and boy do I get shit about it. Hey, it’s our baby. We can know what it is if we want to.

That’s the face, the ears, and you see the eyes? But I don’t see a nose bone.

Do noses have bones?

He looked and looked again.

All looks good, nothing to worry about. I just don’t see a nose. But let’s see if it’s a boy or a girl. Oh, this could be two labia. You see that?

Weird. Okay…

But wait, this could be a penis. See that?

WHOA. That’s my boy!!

No, that’s a leg…

Oh. I was getting proud already.

I’d say it’s still 50/50 since it’s really hard to tell at this stage. But we’ll be able to tell next time. I’ll print you off some pictures.

So we could have a hermaphrodite with no nose?

Or a harelip, my husband added.

Right… Are you sure that was a leg?

Sneak Peek at Sweet Baby Kail

No paparazzi! I’m contemplating my next moves…


This pic is NOT the one with the “leg” so don’t go staring at it too long.


  1. Debbi English says

    Oh Angela, I cried when I saw your little shim (she/him). I bet you can’t wait to find out, it’s so exciting!! I’m going on a limb and saying boy! Not sure why, just a feeling.
    Love you!

  2. I did too! I’m walking around rubbing my belly saying “There’s a baby in there…”

  3. Awwww…. it is pretty cool to look at your unborn child isn’t it, although your 3D piccies are lots better than the crappy 2D ultrasounds we could afford.

    BTW, love that font you are using in the title for your blog, it seems like a lifetime ago that I made that for you. 🙂

    Congrats on the rapidly growing thing in your belly. We have made 2 of those since I last talked to you, both little red heads.

    • Yay! LOVE my font too, thank you! Going to get my mom’s next!

      I didn’t know the 3D cost more, it was from the same machine. Dr just pushed a button and printed it out. Oh, such a racket!

      • Well it was a few years back when got our scans done for the first time (plus its Australia so we are 25 years behind the US…. actually thats a lie, we are fairly much up with you guys when it comes to most tech these days). We paid nothing for our scans anyway as its all part of the public health system here (but if you want the 3D scans you need to pay or have private insurance, at least that’s how it was 18 months ago anyway).

        Getting a font for you mum eh… cool. 🙂 Send me an email as I reckon we might be able to work out a barter deal if you are interested. I need someone to help me promote a kid’s storybook related iPhone app Im having developed and I think you might be able to help out there.

        Cheers from Oz.

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