Pregnancy Leg Cramps, Doggie Love, and Things to Not See in the Mirror

Oh the joys of pregnancy and all the TMIs that go with it.

I won’t go into detail about how I made the mistake of getting a hand mirror and… well, nevermind. It’s not pretty.

But I will go into detail about these god awful pregnancy leg cramps.

When I’m up from 10pm to 2am with crazy leg pain and see on my little pregnancy app (there’s an app for everything) that other women have the same painful troubles – I have to share.

I found the answer.

Tiger Balm for Pregnancy Leg Cramps!

Here’s something that works, my fellow pregnant ladies –>

Tiger Balm

Yes, Tiger Balm. Just take a Q-tip and rub some on your knees and down your leg. Ahhhh, relief.

It is hard to get off your fingers if you use them, plus with pregger-brain, you may end up wiping your eyes or something and that’s not good. Just use a Q-tip and rub it on before you go to bed and you’ll thank me.

If you have that same GASP, saw-it-in-the-mirror problem aka where-the-hell-did-my-cute-little… go – feel free to share some relief ideas in the comments!

Doggie Loves the Baby Belly

This wild and wonderful pregnancy process hasn’t all been painful and weird. In fact, the leg cramps and the thing I saw in the mirror (holy-swollen-hell) are the only things that have been uncomfortable.

Everything else has been super fun, and now our dog, Emma is finally paying attention to the belly!

dogs love babies

For months, I’ve been pointing it out and she looks at me like I have lost my mind.

Then, all of the sudden, while sharing the sofa with me, she is starting to lay her head against the belly and then look up at me like holy-shit-mama, you got something in there and it’s kicking me in the face and I like it.

dogs love babies

Okay, that pose was not aiming for the sexy glamour shot, but hey, baby, check out my baby belly and my baby dog loving it.

Where did my belly button go? I have no fucking idea.




  1. That last picture is *everything*!!!

    I had the random leg cramps too, sometimes so bad that they would wake me from my sleep!

    I can also assure you that your belly button will return. 😉

    How much longer now???

    • I’m telling ya, those leg cramps suck! Tiger Balm has saved me. I’m 2.5 months away not. Holy… end of May. Officially May 19 moved up from May 24th. Can’t wait to skype you with her!

  2. Pregnancy looks good on you. Do you have any names picked out yet?

  3. Hope you are doing great…. No up dates in a while I was thinking about you. 🙂

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