The Pros and Cons of Why Gambling Sucks Balls

  So that IUI was a no go. WTF.  I hate everyone. But I had ALL the Symptoms The thing that annoys the hell out of me is that I had ALL of the symptoms. Tired to the 100th degree. Sore boobs. Farting like a sick goat – OMG! Spacey. Horney. Strange food aversions. Could […]

Now We Wait…

Okay, so that little Clomid dose caused not one of my regular cycles, but FOUR eggs to show up. Party in the tubes. Shoot Yourself Up First The doctor looked at the ultrasound on Friday and told us to do the HCG shot Saturday night and come in Monday morning for the IUI. Fun. The […]

Asking An Expert About Baby Making

Now that we’ve gotten the stuff in the cup – and still haven’t heard from the doctor! – I’m moving into the phase of okay, we’re about ready, let’s get ready for some baby making – again. Since there are SO many things out there about what to DO and NOT DO while making babies, […]

Following the Sperm Tale

I know you’re dying to know what happened with the sperm, right? Yes you are. If you’ve been following the sperm tale there was: Confusing Conversations About Sperm Confusing Conversations About Sperm Continued… and a Bitch Session About Catholics and Crack Whores  Confirm That Sperm So, I take it back about the Catholics. Turns out […]

Confusing Conversations about Sperm, Continued

  To continue the Confusing Conversations about Sperm… I was way too looped up after surgery and in far too much need for Mc-Ds to even think about the Mc-cup! My husband felt the same way. I was so drugged, it was awkward. No cup action. So it’s been a few days, I’m feeling much […]