Sure Hope Our Baby Has a Butthole

Being pregnant means other women who have been down this path before you tell you EVERYTHING! And wow, the things they tell. Here are Some of the Wonderful Things Women Have Told Me: You never know what can go wrong.  Our son was born without a butthole. But it has worked out. They were able […]

The Pros and Cons of Why Gambling Sucks Balls

  So that IUI was a no go. WTF.  I hate everyone. But I had ALL the Symptoms The thing that annoys the hell out of me is that I had ALL of the symptoms. Tired to the 100th degree. Sore boobs. Farting like a sick goat – OMG! Spacey. Horney. Strange food aversions. Could […]

Asking An Expert About Baby Making

Now that we’ve gotten the stuff in the cup – and still haven’t heard from the doctor! – I’m moving into the phase of okay, we’re about ready, let’s get ready for some baby making – again. Since there are SO many things out there about what to DO and NOT DO while making babies, […]

BloggersDance for Valentine’s Day

What you’re about to see may scare you. It may surprise you. It may make you laugh. It may make you want to join in. Valentine’s Day #BloggersDance Once upon a time my friend Kerry at HouseTalkN (who is the one who asked me how to start her blog and now she’s WAY past me […]

Surgery, Sperm and Safety

Pluck out the Polyp So it’s a date – surgery is scheduled Jan 21st. Should be an in-and-out procedure. We met with the doc on Monday and saw pictures of the little fucker. It’s in there alright. But get this, it might “take care of itself” by the time she gets a microscope up there. The plan […]