Having a Hysteroscopy D&C Polypectomy and McDonalds

No Sundance for Me – Had to Have a DNC I have been calling it a DNC like it’s a rock band, when really it’s D & C. Gee.. First off some medical info: (we could all learn some things) What is hysteroscopy? It’s when they put a telescope up your wahoo, past your cervix […]

A Specialist Sees My Vagina

  After our first and unsuccessful IUI (without clomid) my husband and I were kinda done. We toasted to everything happens for a reason and had a party. BUT – we do want kids. We’re both highly nurturing, fun, and caring. We also saw that comedy Idiocracy (really a horror movie). You Have Been Warned: […]

Having an IUI and HCG Shot

OMG, IUI, HCG, WTH Look at what you get to learn about when you mention the word fertility. You don’t learn these terms unless you’re older, have had a miscarriage, or are actively trying to get pregnant and it doesn’t work. I was not worried about getting pregnant. We were pregnant already. Then we miscarried twins and […]

21 Reasons Why I Hate Everyone

I hate everyone. Wait, I mean I love everyone. Squish. But seriously, I want a bitch session. There are quite a few things to bitch about so I’m lumping them into one stream. About Mail | More Posts (41)