The Pros and Cons of Why Gambling Sucks Balls

  So that IUI was a no go. WTF.  I hate everyone. But I had ALL the Symptoms The thing that annoys the hell out of me is that I had ALL of the symptoms. Tired to the 100th degree. Sore boobs. Farting like a sick goat – OMG! Spacey. Horney. Strange food aversions. Could […]

BloggersDance for Valentine’s Day

What you’re about to see may scare you. It may surprise you. It may make you laugh. It may make you want to join in. Valentine’s Day #BloggersDance Once upon a time my friend Kerry at HouseTalkN (who is the one who asked me how to start her blog and now she’s WAY past me […]

Take the DANCE out of Sundance!

Am I going to Sundance this year?   Nope. Having surgery. Screw you polyp. It’s Wednesday today. Surgery is on Monday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I’ll let you know how that goes. Jeez. Changing Priorities Yes, my priorities have changed. I’d much prefer to take care of my health than go see movies in […]

Wanna be a Mom TAXI

I went out for a girls night to the local pub and WOW – are moms taxis. No, seriously to be a mom is to be a taxi. I’ve never heard of so much running around in my life from scheduling trips, pick ups, classes, coaching, appointments etc. The only mom I saw who was […]