You Know You’re Pregnant When You Cry and then Puke

Well, the digital tests confirm it and the blood tests backed that up.

I am definitely pregnant.

Now I get to really experience all that comes with that.

Crying Over Country

I was simply telling my family about these country songs I heard on the radio on the way to the store.

I started crying just describing the lyrics!

Then I played the YouTube videos for them. My sissy snapped this pic:


See if you cry too.

I Drive Your Truck

You’re Gonna Miss This

Forget it. Not a dry eye on this face! I mean I used to tear up at country before but now, forget it. I’m bawling.

Yep. Pregnant.

Then Comes the Puking…

It’s the smells that get to me.

I was warned by pregnant friends of mine that you never know what it will be.

For me, it was old lady poo poo.


I was at the golf course trying to stay awake for 18 holes. Falling asleep is also a huge factor these days.

There was a group of older ladies in front of us, going very slowly. Bless their hearts, that was fine. It’s golf, it was beautiful out. I didn’t mind the wait.

But they sure did hurry their carts back to the club like a fire was under their carts. They couldn’t get there fast enough.

I realized why when we followed them into the club and I could smell old lady poo poo from the front door.

I had to pee. Again.

That’s another thing – holycow do you pee when pregnant.

I was holding it. Standing outside the bathroom. I felt queasy.

Old lady poo poo is not the same as regular poo poo. It’s like some serious diaper duty smells. The kind that throw you against the wall.

And there were 4 of them!

I walked in. Two ladies were done. Two ladies were still in their stalls.

I walked back out quickly.

I’d wait.

They all exited. We smiled.

I took a deep breath and went in.

Nope. Walk right back out again. Can’t do it.

Stand and wait. Breathe. Hold breathe. Breathe. Do not hurt. Do not puke. Breathe.

Waiting… gotta peeeeeee.

Took a huge deep breath and barrelled through the door as I was unbuttoning pants. Got in the stall.

Nope… nope… oh shit. Gotta hurl.

Turned and puked just in time. And peed in my pants.

Then puked again.

What fun this is. I’m actually loving every minute.

I’m gonna miss this…

Sniff sniff. Puke. Hurl. I have to take a nap.


  1. Whoot! Awesomesauce.
    Considerer recently posted…At last, I can speak freelyMy Profile

  2. you’re adorable. i laughed. i cried. gotta love it.
    Ophelia recently posted…Steubenville Night LightsMy Profile

  3. The peeing and puking at the same time adds a whole new dimension, don’t it? 😉

    Huge congrats 🙂 I haven’t visited in a while (shame on me!) and was SO pleased to see this!
    MILF Runner recently posted…Help me reach my goals! And vintage workout wear SALE!My Profile

  4. Where have I been???? You are pregnant?? I am beside myself with joy for you, Angela! So excited!!!

  5. Sweetheart, put your seat belt on, this is the easy part.

  6. Congrats!

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